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My top scented plants and year-round pick of the best

Jasmine Clotted Cream – a heady scent

There is nothing quite like opening your back door and being hit by a wall of scent – that’s the beauty of growing strongly-scented plants where they’ll have maximum impact.

In my┬ácase, it’s jasmine Clotted Cream in a large container at the conservatory door – even better when the overpoweringly good tuberose flowers inside at the same time.

Climbing rose Claire Austin
Climbing rose Claire Austin

Scent is so often overlooked in gardens, yet it does so much to improve the mood and calm the mind. Herb, cottage and Mediterranean-style gardens are the obvious examples including fragrance, mainly from aromatic leaves and old varieties, such as lavender or roses.

I don’t really think about designing with scent, apart from the obvious – place fragrant plants near doorways, paths, sitting areas, etc, so you can smell them easily.

In my new, in-depth page (see link below), I’ve outlined the plants I use (or have grown in the past), then listed by season recommended varieties I’d like to grow by season. Fragrance is a powerful ally to have in the winter garden and the one most usually overlooked.

For more on this topic, please click this link to my new, in-depth page on scented plants for all seasons.

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