Choosing the right apple

A tree for all with Lubera’s unusual varieties

Greenlight apple
Greenlight apple

Watching your neighbour’s apples ripen and feeling a bit envious? Don’t be – plan for the future and start your own mini orchard with Lubera’s wide range of unusual trees.

Varieties are bred and grown by the Swiss fruit experts and only go on the market after extensive testing.

Take a look at the apple ‘families’ below and take your pick of the crop.

Redlove family (red fleshed and skinned): Grown for flavour, great for Christmas (Odysso and Calypso), full of antioxidants, dark pink flowers, dwarf root stock.
Varieties: Era, Circe, Calypso, Odysso.

Malini family (columnar trees): New for 2016 is Greenlight, Lubera’s first green/yellow columnar apple tree. Great flavour and for Christmas, perfect for pots, dwarf root stock.
Varieties: Fresco, Dulcessa, Equilibro, Subito, Pronto.

Elegance apple
Elegance apple

Paradis family: Unusual ‘sparkling’ taste sensation. New for 2016 is Elegance, an autumn apple with an excellent texture and good storability.¬†Grown for flavour and texture, great for Christmas (Myra), good summer eaters (Julka and Katka), dwarf root stock.
Varieties: Fantasia, Myra, Werdenberg, Lummerland, Citta, Sierra, Morgana, Utopia, Julka, Katka, New Year, Ninifee, Sparkling.

Bella Bionda Family: Golden apples with good disease resistance (Marylin), grown for flavour, dwarf root stock.
Varieties: Patrizia, Marylin.

Maloni Family (mini trees): Bushy, compact growth, only half as tall as other apple trees. Good-tasting and scab resistant, so easy to cultivate, productive and reliable, perfect For pots, yields in the smallest space.
Varieties: Sally, Lilly, Billy.

Appleduette (Double trees): Two varieties on one tree.
Varieties: Summer-Autumn, Yellow-Red.

Colourduette (Double tree): Grown for flavour and colour with two varieties on one tree.
Variety: Redlove-Paradis.

Prices start from £17.40 Рfor more information on any of these apples, log on to

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