REVIEW: new Gardeners’ World format

I loved it – what about you?

gardeners-world-logoCongratulations BBC – you hit the right note with the revamped format of Gardeners’ World tonight.

A bit of a master stroke combing the old presenters (Monty Don and Carol Klein) with the new (Adam Frost, Flo Headlam and Nick Macer.

Also, starting the first quarter of the programme off with the established presenters was unlikely to frighten off the traditionalists, encouraging to them to stay tuned for the newer, more ‘out there’ segments of the show.

And ‘out there’ segments there were, much to my delight, and glory of glories, focusing on horticulture in the north – Flo’s report on city and container gardening in Toxteth, Liverpool and Nick’s on a spectacular tropical-style garden – in Sheffield.

There was a balance of ‘how to’ from Monty and Carol, reportage on the new herbaceous borders at Kew, right down to Adam Frost’s ultimate design challenge – designing his own new garden at home.

It was great to see a spread of accents, professionals and keen amateur gardeners just sharing what they love.

As for faults – well, it’s 15 minutes since the show ended as I write this and I can’t think of any now – there’s even a Gardeners’ World weather forecast at the end now!

Executive producer Paolo Proto has done the show proud – I really hope this format continues into Gardeners’ World’s 50th year. Well done.


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