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Gardening news, Sept 16

Marie Curie daffodil Rip van Winkle. Picture; Suttons

Suttons charity daffodils; Dobies and DT Brown seeds; Lubera apple

It’s that time of year when there are loads of new gardening products about – here’s my latest round-up of what’s new in the catalogues.

Suttons Seeds will be giving 10 per cent of daffodil bulb sales to Marie Curie, following last year’s £5,000 raised towards the charity’s work – and it’s hoped that figure can be doubled.

Marie Curie has provided care to terminally ill people and their families for more than 65 years and last year helped more than 40,000 people in the UK.

To order daffodil bulbs from Suttons, visit www.suttons.co.uk/daffodils.

Eat to the beet

Dobies‘ ‘no frills’ ethos has a new range of key seeds, including:

Beetroot Solo F1 (Monogerm type) NEW: A fast-maturing variety whose roots have a high sugar content, making them ideal as a ‘baby beet’, or left to mature. British bred, it shows good resistance to bolting, leaf spot, downy and powdery mildew. Row length per pack: 4m (13’). 150 seeds, £1.49.

Carrot Rainbow Mixed: An unusual mixture, producing delicious roots in an array of shades. Row 2m (6′). 500 seeds, 1.99.

French Marigold Strawberry Blonde NEW: Several different colours on the same plant. A sturdy variety with excellent weather tolerance, ensuring a long season of colour. Height 25cm (10”), 50 seeds, £2.99.

Calendula Citrus Daisy Mixed NEW: An early flowering dwarf Calendula with daisy-like edible blooms. A mix of bright, zesty-coloured flowers for pots and summer bedding. Height 20cm (8”), 60 seeds, £1.99.

For more information, visit www.dobies.co.uk.

Little scab-free wonder apple

Apple Cuckoo
Apple Cuckoo in blossom
Apple Cuckoo
Apple Cuckoo

Lubera’s Redini Cuckoo apple is the world’s first red-fleshed, red-flowering columnar apple that is tolerant to scab.

  • Flowering period: April, May.
  • Harvest: August, September.
  • Final height/width: 2m/3m, 60/80cm.
  • Price: 1-year columnar apple tree in 5-litre pot, £25.90, www.lubera.co.uk.

Peas by the pint

DT Brown is offering gardeners seed of a very old strain of pea and a new variety for the first time. Pea Half Pint (£3.99 for 50g) is a heritage ‘first early’, which is winter-hardy and can even be grown in small pots. Snap pea Nairobi’s abundant pods stay stringless, have a lovely firm, crunchy texture and an old-fashioned pea taste. Nairobi (£3.99 for 250 seeds) is also highly tolerant of powdery mildew.

There’s a trio of British-bred Brussels sprouts: Trafalgar F1 (£2.99 for 50 seeds), Attwood F1 (£2.99 for 40 seeds) and Agincourt F1 (£2.99 for 60 seeds).

There are also three tomatoes new to DT Brown: yellow beefsteak Gazzy F1 (£2.79 for 15 seeds), huge-fruited Gigantomo F1 (£2.99 for 10 seeds) and the green-skinned, sweet and juicy ‘cherry’ Sungreen (£3.99 for 10 seeds).

Other new highlights include onion Yellow Sweet Spanish (£1.49 for 550 seeds), cabbage Cabice (£2.69 for 30 seeds), and autumn-cropping cabbage Kilazol F1 (£3.79 for 30 seeds).

For more details, visit www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk.

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