Thompson & Morgan’s veg seed pick 2017

Multicoloured array of veg

Tomato Indigo Cherry Drop. Picture; Thompson & Morgan

Thompson & Morgan’s new catalogue is available this month – here’s 10 of the best vegetables;

Tomato Indigo Cherry Drops, £2.99 (6 seeds): Each 30g fruit is packed with anthocyanins thanks to the purple skin blushing – masses more fruits compared to semi-bush type Indigo Rose thanks to a true vigorous cordon habit. A pale purple blush appears early on unripe green fruit, turning to rich purple with a reddish base when ripe. Sweeter than Indigo Rose with a better balance of acidity. Harvest July-October.

Pumpkin Evergold, £2.69 (6 seeds): Fruits appear golden from the beginning, turning to deep orange on maturity in time for Halloween carving and cooking. Harvest August-October.

Pea Eddy, £1.99 (300 seeds): Highly resistant to powdery mildew, remaining problem-free well into November – can be sown as late as the first week of August. Also sow in spring for summer crops of long, slightly curved, pointed pods. Harvest May-September.

Chinese Cabbage Natsuki F1, £2.99 (30 seeds): A multipurpose variety with good bolting and tip burn resistance. Young leaves can be used in salads and stir fries in as little as seven weeks from sowing. The crisp white stalks have a mild flavour and should be eaten with the leaf for zero wastage in the kitchen. Harvest June-October.

Broad Bean Oscar, £1.99 (60 beans): These beans are the best option for freezer storage, being far less prone to discolouring. Compact plants with upright pods grow well in patio containers and small veg patches. Harvest June-August.

Tomato Artisan Mix, £2.99 (8 seeds): The Artisan Tomato series is a new class of elongated mini-plum tomato. in this mix, there’s Artisan Blush Tiger (pink blush on golden skin)and Artisan Pink Tiger (pink and gold stripes). Superb flavour and highly decorative for greenhouse and outdoor cropping. Harvest July-October.

Kale Duo Collection, £2.99 (20 seeds): The ruffled leaves of Emerald Ice develop a contrasting white centre as they mature and have the sweetest flavour, even the leaf stalks. Midnight Sun has textured, deep-red leaves with a striking mid vein. Suitable for multiple cuts, baby kale leaf and as a mature plant. Harvest October-April.

Leek Northern Lights F1, £2.99 (45 seeds): British-bred maincrop leek with excellent winter hardiness, allowing for harvests through December to March. The blue-green leaves turn purple as the coldest winter temperatures set in. Harvest December-March.

Climbing Bean Mamba, £2.49 (45 beans): Trial crops have consistently produced double the yield of Cobra, with no reduction in flavour or pod quality. Mamba’s mid-green, stringless pods are larger, more uniform and carried in clusters for easy picking. Plants are slightly less vigorous than Cobra, but this is a bonus – growth is more manageable, taking up less space. Harvest June-October.

Tomato Goldkrone, 99p (12 seeds): Early fruiting – set out under glass for an extra early crop of sweet yellow cherry tomatoes, or grow in the garden for guaranteed cropping before the cold weather sets in. Each fruit weighs up to 20g, offering, high sweetness, a juicy texture and balanced flavour. Harvest July-October.

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