Thompson & Morgan’s flower seeds 2017

Colour changing and blended tones all the rage

Nasturtium Chameleon

Need some ideas to brighten up your garden next year?

Here’s the pick of the bunch from Thompson and Morgan’s flower seed catalogue for 2017, including several exclusives:

Nasturtium Chameleon, £1.99 (20 seeds EXCLUSIVE): Not only do the flowers look like exotic orchids, they also change colour. Height 20-25cm (8-10in).

Rudbeckia Caramel Mixed, £2.99 (100 seeds EXCLUSIVE): This contemporary mix flowers from midsummer, far earlier than traditional types. Plants stay compact and uniform right through flowering, offering a constant flush of rustic colours in shades of amber, copper and burnt rose. Height 50cm (20in).

Godetia Pastel Posies Mixed, 99p (150 seeds EXCLUSIVE): Easy hardy annual – fill whole beds with this mix or simply drop a few seeds in gaps between other plants. Height 30cm (12in).

Berkheya purpurea, £2.99 (15 seeds): Nicknamed the ‘Purple Sunflower’, producing a neat, ground-hugging rosette of thistle-like foliage and multiple flowers in late summer in a silvery shade of soft violet. Very undemanding, needing a sunny spot on free draining soil. Height 75cm (30in).

Marigold Strawberry Blonde, £2.99 (20 seeds): A breeding breakthrough has created a French marigold with flowers in russet tones, bringing pink shades to the marigold colour palette. These bushy, vigorous, free-flowering plants have high weather tolerance ensuring a long season of colour in beds, borders and containers. Height 25cm (10in).

Cornflower Trailing Blue Carpet, £1.99 (30 seeds): Excellent for baskets and container displays thanks to the relaxed prostrate habit. Perfect for path and border edging. Height 10cm (4in).

Solanum Deco Fruits Mixed, £1.99 (15 seeds): Create a fun decorative fruit bowl for autumn display or use the fruits as a mini ‘pumpkin-on-a-stick’ gift for Hallowe’en visitors. These plants will thrive in a sunny spot in the garden or in a warm greenhouse. Height 30-45cm (12-18in).

Geranium Quantum Red, £2.99 (5 seeds): Often seen as an expensive collector’s item, this Stellar geranium is good value as a seed item. The colours are so vivid they almost glow. Height 40cm (16in).

Phlox Sugar Stars Mixed, £2.49 (200 seeds): Simply scatter the seed in any sunny border for months of colour. The sheer volume of purple, starry purple blooms make each stem a standout specimen. Height 25cm (10in).

Dahlia Black Beauty, £2.99 (50 seeds): The dark velvety blooms appear black until the sun settles on them, revealing a deep maroon shimmer, with a vibrant yellow centre. Height 35cm (14in).

Lupin Avalune Mixed F1: £2.49 (20 seeds): Annual lupin that flowers 12 weeks after sowing, continuing through to September if deadheaded. Short flower spikes have a sweet pea-like fragrance.

Madia Tropical Fruits, £1.99 (50 seeds): The vibrant yellow, daisy-like blooms are perfect for lifting shady spots in the summer garden – this plant even enjoys wet, damp, dull days. Fragrant foliage. Height and spread 90cm x 45cm (18in x 36in).

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