European year of the bean

Six new varieties from Mr Fothergill’s

Runner bean Aurora.
Runner bean Aurora. Picture; Mr Fothergill’s

There’s a veritable beanfeast of new varieties in Mr Fothergill’s 2017 seed catalogue to celebrate the European Year of the Bean. The initiative hopes to encourage gardeners to grow more beans next year.

Exclusive new runner bean Aurora is pink flowered and produces self-setting pods. It is British-bred and produces an abundant crop of usually stringless, succulent pods whether conditions are cool or hot and dry in our unpredictable summers. A packet of 45 seeds costs £3.35.

Organic broad bean Eleonora has five up to five juicy, tasty beans per pod. Fast growing and not too tall, Eleonora is a good choice for windy sites. A packet of 45 seeds cost £3.35.

Reintroduced dwarf bean Coco Noir Starazagorski can be eaten young as sliced green beans or left to mature and the black beans shelled as haricots. Ten seeds cost £3.35.

Exclusive runner bean Guinness Record bears exhibition-quality long, smooth, tasty, slender pods up to 45cm (18in) from July to October. The vigorous, red-flowered plants are resistant to all bean viruses. A packet of 45 seeds costs £3.25.

Runner bean Snowdrift is a white-flowered variety, less prone to bird attack than scarlet-flowered ones. Pods set reliably in cold or hot and dry conditions, helping to ensure a good harvest. A packet of 40 seeds of Snowdrift costs £3.25.

Also exclusively from Mr Fothergill’s is pencil-podded climbing bean Python. Its uniform, succulent pods, up to 15cm (6in) long, are produced abundantly through a long summer cropping season and into autumn. A packet of 50 seeds costs £3.25.

For more information, visit, telephone 0845 371 0518 or write to Mr Fothergill’s, Gazeley Road, Kentford, Suffolk CB8 7QB.

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