Windowsill microgreens gardening

Get kids growing crops even in winter

Microgreens from Johnsons. Picture courtesy Johnsons

Keep up your production of fresh vegetables even in winter by growing microgreens on your windowsills.

Johnsons range of microgreens are ready in a few days, they’re really easy to grow and a great way to introduce children to the delights of growing.

Microgreens are almost ‘instant’ vegetables, maturing in as little as two weeks. The tiny plants have the essence of the mature plants without the care and maintenance required to grow them.

Best described as ultra-baby leaf vegetables, these seedlings add a fresh, punchy flavour to savoury dishes from sandwiches to steaks, stir-fries to soups, or used simply as a tasty garnish.

Fenugreek microgreens. Picture courtesy Johnsons

Microgreens come in two formats: a pack with a high-quality, reusable growing tray and three packets of seeds, rrp £4.99.

There is also a mini-range of eight microgreen varieties such as beetroot, basil and rocket, available to buy separately, rrp from £2.05 to £3.05.

“We really love the fresh, intense flavours of these nutrient-rich leaves to add ‘zing’ to a range of dishes”, said Johnsons Helen Clayton.

Johnsons seed collection is available from garden centres throughout the UK and online at


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