New Plant World Seeds catalogue

Hundreds of new, rude, rare and unusual seeds

Tomato Red Eros
Ooh, matron! Tomato Red Eros. Picture; Plant World Seeds

One of my favourite seed suppliers, Plant World Seeds, has released its 2017 seed selection, and as usual, it’s full of very unusual new flowers and vegetables – and don’t forget my offer of two free packets of seed with any order, no matter how small.

The website has expanded, with several hundred new items, many of which are rare and in limited supply. Here are a pick of new items:

Tomato Red Eros: Probably the most suggestive fruit Plant World Seeds has ever stocked, with lots of naughty names. Served unsliced, it should break the ice at parties! High yield, mid-season cordon, £2.30.

Dierama Blood Drops: An exquisite new variety with sprays of pendent bells glowing with the deepest brightest red seen in a Dierama. Plants grown from these seeds may vary but they will produce heavy heads of pendulous flowers in some startlingly bright new forms, £2.95.

Iris Blue Riband (not pictured): Rare tetraploid hybrids bear huge, sumptuous flowers with wide, heavily-marked petals. These open over an extended period from early to late summer.

Rehmannia elata: This rare foxglove relative bears racemes of very large, tubular, deep pink, flared flowers with yellow throats, which open in early summer. It is perennial in a sheltered spot with good drainage, but is perhaps better enjoyed in a large container which is kept frost-free, £2.95.

Aubergine Ophelia F1: An especially compact form which produces small plants suitable for the patio, packed full of black, uniformly-sized baby aubergines. The two foot tall dwarf plants produce lots of egg-sized, baby aubergines. The fruit has no bitter aftertaste and stores well, £2.55.

If you’re around the South West of England in spring/summer, visit the gardens, a four-acre map of the world, rare plants nursery and viewpoint café,

Check out the latest news on Plant World’s Facebook page, or visit the online seed catalogue at

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