Standard berries for easy pickings

Space-saving berry bushes from Lubera

Standard berries
Brilliant autumn colour from standard berries. Picture; Lubera

Here’s some berries which are the gold standard for gardeners wanting to grow fruit in restricted spaces or those who have difficulty picking from ordinary bushes – quite literally.

Lubera’s standard berries require very little space and make ideal Christmas gifts, to grow in the vegetable garden, or in pots on the terrace or balcony.

Berry standards grow healthily and the shape of the standard allows better ventilation, so there are fewer diseases¬†and more berries. You also don’t have to bend to prune or pick the fruit, making them ideal for those with mobility problems.

All plants are supplied as strong standards in 5l pot, at £17.40 each.

Fourberry Black Saphir: This fourberry is upright, with a taut yet compact habit, bright yellow flowers and aromatic fruit.

Gooseberry Lady Sun: This new standard gooseberry has yellow fruit with white markings, which are crisp, juicy and very sweet. The plants are upright, (almost) thornless, and resistant to gooseberry mildew.

Redcurrant Lisette: A new standard redcurrant with very large berries on compact strings and keeps its leaves longest.

Gooseberry Lady Late: This is a new standard gooseberry with large, dark red, hairless fruit and a good, balanced taste. It’s extremely upright in habit, with healthy growth, resistant to American gooseberry mildew, and almost thornless.

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