Fresh figs for Christmas 2017

Best figs for Christmas plus delicious cheese recipe

Baked fresh figs with blue cheese. Picture; Pascale Treichler from Lubera

Figs are a traditional part of Christmas food – usually dried in a block, a million miles from the succulent fresh fruit.

Lubera’s Pascale Treichler recommends eating fresh figs like this:

  • After picking, wash and dry them.
  • Cut into the middle of each fig crossways and place a slice of blue cheese in each cut.
  • Place the figs in a dish and bake in the oven until the cheese starts to melt.

Lubera recommends these three figs in the Gustissimo range, all free of shipping costs.

Fig Gustissimo Califfo Blue: Blue variety, good for cooler locations and containers, tasty and sweet. Strong plant in 5-litre container £25.90.

Fig Gustissimo Perretta: Early maturing with a strong, late harvest, very large and tasty. Green to reddish-brown, pear-shaped fruits, with light red flesh. Strong plant in 5-litre container £25.90.

Fig Gustissimo Mere Veronique: A yellow fig for pots, beautiful to look at and deliciously sweet. Strong bush in 14-litre container £43.40.

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