Sweet peas sown at last!

First proper job of the gardening year done

Sweet peas
This year’s packets

Much later than normal, I was finally well enough to sow my sweet peas yesterday.

It’s always a benchmark event in the gardening year – usually, the first seeds to be sown – so you know spring is on its way.

It’s even better when it’s a glorious day outside and the temperature in the conservatory rises high enough to work in a T-shirt and feel the sun on your skin.

This year’s choices are the new Night Sky from Matthewman’s, www.sweetpeasonline.co.uk a mauve flake bloom (white with bluish bits, basically).

There’s also Parfumiere Mix (a perfumed mixture of heirloom Grandiflora varieties, plus some new types selected for their ability to fill a room with that heady sweet pea perfume.

Lastly, there’s Prince of Orange a sweetly-perfumed Grandiflora beauty in orange with a touch of clashing pink. It’s an heirloom variety, Introduced by famous breeder Morse in 1928, it has only recently been re-introduced. The latter two are from Plant World Seeds, www.plant-world-seeds.com.

I used my usual three seeds to a large yoghurt pot with a 50/50 mix of seed compost and Dalefoot Compost’s Vegetable Compost (odd, I know but we’ll see how it works out).

Then bung them in the propagator at approximately 15ºC, sit back and wait…

For more information on sweet pea sowing and growing on, click here.



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