Johnsons top-selling cut flowers

Best-selling blooms of 2016

sunflower giant singleIt’s a growing trend to cultivate flowers in a bed solely for cutting, much as our grandparents did on allotments with dahlias, chrysanthemums and the like but with an emphasis on cottage garden blooms.

Seedsmen Johnsons have unveiled their top 10 best-selling flowers last year, which included two sunflowers, two sweet peas, a cornflower and a cosmos.

The overall best-seller was Sunny Giant sunflowers from the Little Gardeners range for children, while sunflower Giant Single was in second place.

cosmos sensation mixedSweet peas Giant Waved Mixed and Old Fashioned Mixed were in fourth and sixth places, with cornflower Double Blue and Cosmos Sensation Mixed in eighth and ninth spots.

The company’s Helen Clayton said sweet peas and cosmos were strong sellers: “Sales of flowers suitable for cutting continue to rise, as an increasing number of people appreciate having attractive displays in their homes.

“Sunflowers, sweet peas, cornflower, and cosmos are all easily grown annuals, so can be raised with very little fuss.”

Johnsons range of seeds is available from garden centres, supermarkets and leading DIY stores throughout the UK and at

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