Moveable Feast garden at RHS Chatsworth

garden that can be moved with you with Lubera fruit

Designer Tanya Batkin will be bringing a colourful – and edible – show garden to the new RHS Chatsworth House Flower Show, which runs from June 7-11 in Derbyshire.

Tanya’s Moveable Feast Garden is designed for the ‘generation renters’, with a transportable modular design, so the garden can be easily reconfigured to adapt to a new area.

A colour palette of purples and yellows will form the basis of the structures, and the ornamental and edible plants will inject texture and hues.

Natural materials such as the wood, and stone from Digby Stone, can be updated with paint finishes and semi-permanent transfer colour.

Herbs will be provided by The Cottage Herbery, including African blue basil, wasabi, English mace and miner’s lettuce. Trees are being supplied by The Tree Shop at Frank Matthews.

Swiss fruit specialists Lubera is supplying a selection of unusual and ornamental fruits, including:

Blueberry Pinkberry Pink Lemonade
This pink blueberry has fruits which are light green, turning light pink, maturing to a deep pink. A high yielder, it has delicious berries which are sweet, with a firm, pleasant texture.

DeliDahlia Hapet Hoamatland
One of Lubera’s collection of edible dahlias, Hoamatland has a superb combination of stunning blooms and tasty tubers with a flavour like black salsify.

Dwarf Hops Gimli
The best-named plant ever! This compact hop variety has large fruits, suitable for growing in pots or in smaller gardens. Can be used as a solitary plant, at the end of terraces, on an arch or as a screen.

Arom’artic Nyby
Better known as the cloudberry, it is from the far north of Scandinavia and grows, flowers and produces fruit at a quick rate. It has an almost emblematic character in Scandinavia; at markets, as an image on currency and as a jam at IKEA.

Compact Rhubarb Lilibarber
The lowberry Lilibarber brings rhubarb flavour and freshness to the balcony garden – the plant is only 30cm high. Use it in curries, salad or smoothies.

Tanya is the director of Vergette Ltd, Garden Design, visit and for more information on Lubera, go to

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