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National Garden Scheme’s record £3 million donations

Harperley Hall
Wisteria arbour by the large pond, Harperley Hall Farm Nurseries, on the NGS open day

You don’t have to like gardening to enjoy NGS gardens!

NGS Yellow Book 2017Ever dismissed visiting a National Garden Scheme (NGS) garden because you’re just not that into gardening or plants? I bet these figures will make you think again.

If you like eating cake and drinking tea in idyllic settings, then there is no better place to go than one of the open gardens featured in The Yellow Book.

And this year, the NGS is donating a record £3 million to its beneficiary charities.

At least three of them have touched my life directly, so I couldn’t be more thankful for all the hard work people put in, getting their gardens ready for what is often one day in a year.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re not a gardener – get out and about, have your tea and cake and support this great initiative.

During last month’s new-look book launch, chief executive George Plumptre announced the donation amounts for 2017.

He also told members that 82p in every £1 of the money raised at the gardens that open for NGS will be donated to the charities.

This year there will be a donation to the National Autistic Society, a new Gardens, and Health charity.

Here are the charities and the donations:

  • Macmillan Cancer Support: £500,000
  • Marie Curie: £500,000
  • Hospice UK: £500,000
  • Carers Trust: £400,000
  • Queen’s Nursing Institute: £375,000
  • Parkinson’s UK: £150,000
  • Perennial: £130,000
  • MS Society: £130,000
  • National Autistic Society: £130,000
  • Other donations: £185,000

To find a garden to visit in your area, go to www.ngs.org.uk/find-a-garden/

In February, the NGS announced it had pledged £1.5 million to The Chesterfield Royal Macmillan Cancer Centre Appeal, to be called the NGS Macmillan Unit.

It will take the pressure off the current hospital site and offer cancer sufferers vital treatment, care, and support.

NGS chief executive George Plumptre said: “The NGS is delighted to be making such a significant contribution to this new unit which will so improve the care and treatment available to cancer sufferers in the area.

“It demonstrates the strength of our partnership with Macmillan and our wider commitment to healthcare in the UK as the most significant charitable funder of nursing and caring in the country.”

The NGS is Macmillan’s largest single donor. For more information about the new centre or information on how to get involved in supporting Macmillan, visit macmillan.org.uk/chesterfieldappeal.

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