Ecofective Weed Blast review

Environmentally-friendly way to get rid of weeds

Ecofective Weed Blast ready to do its stuff on my mother’s path in March

There is no tougher or more horrific test for a weedkiller than the path in my mother’s front garden. The block paving has become home to a sea of dandelions, alkanet and goodness know what else.

Hand weeding is a thankless task on such an unforgiving surface, so this is where ecofective’s Weed Blast comes in. I admit I was a little sceptical – these weeds had long had the upper hand and were well established. It’s a natural spray treatment to tackle unwanted plants in the patio, path, and borders, made using natural food grade ingredients, one of Sipcam UK’s new ecofective range of products, designed to be kinder to the environment than conventional chemicals.

They were first treated in March and application couldn’t be easier – a point and go ready to use spray. Weed Blast dries quickly, leaving the treated ground safe to be seeded or planted 24 hours after application – as well as being harmless to pets and children.

After application, directly onto the weed, visible results can be seen in an hour. It’s not temperature reliant so can be used all year round. After 24 hours, they were looking in a sorry state (see below).

The active ingredient is acetic acid (basically vinegar), with a patented co-formulation of natural ingredients that significantly increases the effectiveness of the acid’s effect on the weed.

One slight downside is that the area smelled like a fish and chip shop after application but that soon cleared.

Some of the larger dandelions and alkanet (a cottage garden escapee with huge roots hiding under the paving bricks) did need a second going over but I think that’s to be expected with most weedkillers. I’d rather do that than poison the ground with harmful chemicals.

Ecofective Weed Blast 1 litre Ready to Use spray £4.99 or 4-litre spray £17.99, available in garden centres, Homebase and Amazon,

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