Strawberries: late summer planting

Order strawberries now to plant next month

Plan ahead now for next year’s strawberries. Picture; Lubera

August is the ideal month to plant strawberries, as they’ll establish well in warm, dry soil.

So what are the best varieties for you? Swiss fruit specialist Lubera is always a good port of call for something a bit different.

By crossing old varieties with modern ones, they’ve achieved the best of both worlds – large fruits with a good balance of sugar and acidity, and a strong perfume.

For a June-bearing strawberry, the best of these new varieties is Swiss Heart (SchweizerHerz), so called because it has slightly whiter flesh with a red skin, mirroring the colours of the Swiss flag.

It’s a compact and fruitful variety, with firm fruits. It blooms a little later than many others, meaning it won’t be affected by the April frosts. It also fruits over a slightly longer period, 3-5 weeks.

Container strawberries
Container strawberries. Picture; Lubera

For everbearing strawberries, Lubera recommends Eternal Love for planting out into the garden.

For containers, Fraisonette has lots of blooms in spring, and lots of fruits now. Plant with Fraisibelle, which is a bit later and you’ll have fruits over a longer period. They’re not the largest fruits, but have a good crop with high flavour and perfume.

The best time to plant strawberries is in August, particularly for June-bearing varieties, so they can develop next year’s fruit buds. Everbearers can be planted anytime, but August is good for them too.

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