Climbing rose James Galway on my fence

Roses for semi-shade plus 15% off

David Austin’s lovely bloomers on under 5 hours’ sun

While many people think roses need full sun, there are many varieties that will make do with a semi-shady position – they’ll perform well on 4-5 hours a day of sun.

Do remember that in shady positions, avoid areas where there are overhanging branches and dry places which will out-compete the rose for moisture, food, and light.

Here are five favourites from David Austin’s collection that will perform consistently well in a more challenging environment.

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JAMES GALWAY: (English Climbing Rose, bred by David Austin). I grow this on a semi-shaded fence and it performs wonderfully, with warm pink rosettes packed with many, perfectly arranged petals. Old Rose fragrance and almost thornless. Repeat flowering, height 12ft, bare root plant £17, delivery from November.

JACQUES CARTIER: (Old Rose), very similar to ‘Comte de Chambord’, with more refined flowers. Large, rosette-shaped, rich pink flowers with a very strong fragrance. Repeat flowering, height 4ft, width 3ft. Bare root plant costs £16, delivery from November.

THE PILGRIM: (English Climbing Rose, bred by David Austin), large, soft yellow rosettes produced freely. A mixed fragrance of tea rose and myrrh. Very healthy and reliable with attractive, bushy growth. Repeat flowering, height up to 12ft. Bare root plant £17, delivery from November.

QUEEN OF SWEDEN (English Rose, bred by David Austin), this shrub rose has soft apricot-pink cup-shaped flowers with elegant, upright growth. There is a classic myrrh fragrance. Good for disease resistance, repeat flowering. Height 4ft, width 2.5ft. Bare root plant £17, delivery from November.

PRINCESS ALEXANDRA OF KENT: (English Rose, bred by David Austin), large, deeply cupped blooms of warm, glowing pink, with award-winning fresh tea fragrance with hints of lemon and blackcurrants. Repeat flowering, ideal for pots and containers. Height 4ft, width 3ft, bare root plant £17, delivery from November.

Check out the repeat-flowering English roses, shrub roses (Hybrid Musks, Rugosas and Ground Covers), Gallicas, Damasks and Albas too.

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Fragrant roses: 6 of the best

David Austin’s most perfumed English roses

Strawberry Hill rose
Strawberry Hill rose. Picture; David Austin

The unmistakable perfume of a rose is one of those things that is quintessentially English, and one that stays in the memory long after the bloom has faded.

So, are your roses doing their bit in the scent stakes? If not, that’s a poor show.

Luckily, expert rose breeder David Austin has picked out six of their best highly fragrant English roses, all Continue reading “Fragrant roses: 6 of the best”

Mr. Fothergill’s WW1 centenary flowers

Poppy and sweet pea continue to raise funds for Royal Hospital Chelsea

To mark the centenary of the end of World War One, Mr. Fothergill’s fundraising links with Royal Hospital Chelsea (RHC) continue, with the sale of poppy Victoria Cross seeds. Continue reading “Mr. Fothergill’s WW1 centenary flowers”

New scented verbena from Mr Fothergill’s

Trials manager follows his nose to find fragrant plant

Verbena Scentsation
Trials manager Brian Talman naming Verbena Scentsation at Mr Fothergill’s press day. Picture; Mr Fothergill’s

A new and exclusive scented verbena is being launched by Mr Fothergill’s, developed from a chance seedling found at its Suffolk trial grounds.

Verbena Scentsation flowers from June to October, offering a long season of colour and scent.

Each year, the seed specialist grows more than 2,000 varieties of flower and vegetable seeds to make sure they are up to scratch for home garden performance.

Trials manager Brian Talman was captivated by a particularly sweet fragrance while reviewing summer bedding plants. Continue reading “New scented verbena from Mr Fothergill’s”

Giant pumpkins aim for world record

Massive ‘babies’ put on 60lb a day!

Ian Paton pumpkin
‘Baby’ pumpkin and champion grower Ian Paton

Champion pumpkin growing twins Ian and Stuart Paton aren’t content to rest on their laurels for the 2017 giant veg season.

They have four pumpkin ‘babies’ which are piling on a massive 60lb a day in a bid to beat their record-breaking 160 stone pumpkin of last year at the Jubilee Sailing Trust Autumn Pumpkin Festival and Scarecrow Avenue in Southampton on Saturday, October 14. Continue reading “Giant pumpkins aim for world record”

New veg seeds from Johnsons

Trio of healthy, colourful and disease-resistant crops

Kale Sympatic
Kale Sympatic. Picture; Johnsons

It’s new seed time again and Johnsons is introducing three exclusive varieties for the 2017/18 season.

Kale Sympatic (£1.79 for 250 seeds) offers a 10-month harvest when grown as a mature plant and a baby leaf variety. The baby leaves can be picked from June to December, while mature plants can be harvested from September to March.

Sow from March to September for a near constant supply – by sowing next month, you’ll have baby leaves until December.

It is extremely hardy (down to -18C) and vigorous roots provide resistance to wind rock. The attractive tightly curled leaves are Continue reading “New veg seeds from Johnsons”