Recycled motor-themed outdoor bars

Bars made from tractors, trucks, tuk tuks, and oil drums

Tuk tuk bar
Tuk tuk bar. Picture; Smithers of Stamford

I usually stay away from expensive, ‘aspirational’ products but these recycled outdoor bars from Smithers of Stamford are first on my list if I win the lottery!

They’re recycled from industrial oil drums, old motor parts, reclaimed wood from boats. Some, like the VW Camper van, are one-offs, so get in quickly. In the meantime, I’ll make use of my TK Maxx oddments…

The Vintage Taxi Tuk Tuk Bar is repurposed by hand from an old taxi and has working headlights and plenty of storage space made from reclaimed boat wood for bottles and wine glasses. Price £1,188 (a saving of £700). Continue reading “Recycled motor-themed outdoor bars”

Edging your lawn: experts’ top tips

Different Types of Lawn Edging

Lawn edging
Lawn edging – do you know which is best for your garden?

Many gardeners have found themselves making a disastrous attempt at installing lawn edgings only to find themselves killing the grass around them.

This might be due to underestimating the effect of the lawn edging, as they are quite small, with each piece only a few inches high.

While it is possible for homeowners to do this task on their own, proper care should be observed to avoid ruining how your garden looks. Continue reading “Edging your lawn: experts’ top tips”

Win hand-made bird box from WhisperLeaf Workshop

Unique prize made from reclaimed wood

Bird box
Win this charming bird box made from recycled wood. Picture; WhisperLeaf Workshop

Fancy winning this one-of-a-kind bird box made from ethically sourced 100 per cent reclaimed wood? Well, you can in this week’s competition, thanks to the lovely Phil Thompson from WhisperLeaf Workshop!

Phil, from Leeds, makes a host of lovely (and handy) items, including coat racks, candle holders, potting tables, all sorts of boxes and you can ask him to make anything you like.

See his latest creations on Twitter @WhisperLeaf1, on Etsy, on Facebook and Instagram. Continue reading “Win hand-made bird box from WhisperLeaf Workshop”

Create bee-friendly gardens with ecofective

Defender Range safe for children, pets, and pollinators

Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective
Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective

With bees under threat, gardeners are looking for pest control products that are not harmful to bumble and honey bees that are responsible for pollinating nearly 85 per cent of our food crops.

The ecofective Defender range can help to keep your garden disease and pest-free garden yet not harm the vital pollinators.

The Rose Defender, Plant Defender, and House Plant Continue reading “Create bee-friendly gardens with ecofective”

Sales of peat-free Dalefoot Composts double

Firm selling composts made from sheep’s wool and bracken is 20 years old

Dalefoot Composts
Simon Bland and Jane Barker from Dalefoot Composts. Picture; Andrea Jones

Gardeners are turning their backs on compost containing peat, according to the owner of Dalefoot Composts, as sales doubled in the last year.

Its premium composts, made from sheep’s wool and bracken, are now used by commercial growers, RHS Chelsea gold medal-winning flower and amateur gardeners like me around the UK.

I love the stuff, especially for growing tomatoes and the Claybuster Mix, essential on my clay-based soil. The range has composts for container growing, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, seeds and acid-loving plants.

Owner Simon Bland said: “We’ve seen our sales double in the last year which is proof that gardeners want to garden more Continue reading “Sales of peat-free Dalefoot Composts double”

Buy your dad a shed for Father’s Day

Give him his own special hidey-hole

Tall Garden Store
Tall Garden Store. Picture; The Forest Garden

Before you buy yet another tie for your dad this Father’s Day (Sunday, June 18), why not club together with brothers and sisters to give him the ultimate man gift – a shed.

Every man needs a bolthole to hide in, somewhere to store his garden tools, a place to relax outside with the family or somewhere to start growing fruit and vegetables, and Forest Garden has a good range of timber garden products.

For DIY dads who like handy space to store their gardening tools and equipment, Forest’s Tall Garden Store offers a compact storage solution.

It features two shelves, allowing plenty of space at the bottom to Continue reading “Buy your dad a shed for Father’s Day”