Suttons Bulb and Kitchen Garden Catalogues 2017

Hottest new plants for next spring

Gardening is all about thinking what comes next and Suttons new Bulb and Kitchen Garden catalogues will brighten up next spring and give you inspiration for 2018’s harvest.

The Bulb Catalogue includes winter bedding plants, perennials, and shrubs, not just spring bulbs.

Cover star – and one of the best-looking flowers I’ve seen in a long time – is Ranunculus Clementine, with amazing orange blooms and vivid green centres. Continue reading “Suttons Bulb and Kitchen Garden Catalogues 2017”

Gardening for the less able with Forest and Thrive

Forest’s Accessible Range donates to Thrive

Corner table planter
Corner table planter. Picture; Forest Garden

Here are some good ideas for gardeners with health issues, from whether you have trouble bending with a bad back to if you use a wheelchair.

Gardening is great to lift the spirits and can really help with mental health problems (I can speak from experience here) so it’s a delight to see Forest Garden’s Accessible Gardening range, created in association with the charity Thrive. Continue reading “Gardening for the less able with Forest and Thrive”

Bee-friendly non-pesticide range from ecofective

Don’t take chances with the health of our bees

Rose Defender
Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective

Do you care about bees? The recent study on the effects on bees of the use of neonicotinoids on agricultural seeds has not come to any firm conclusions but one British company can assure gardeners that its pest control products are safe for honey and bumble bees.

The non-pesticide range of Defender/Bug & Mildew Control products from ecofective will not harm these insects that pollinate nearly 85 per cent of our food crops. Continue reading “Bee-friendly non-pesticide range from ecofective”

Best portable and mini barbecues

Grill to your heart’s content wherever you are

Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Barbecue
Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Barbecue. Picture; B&Q

We’re well into barbecue season and I for one am sick of the sight of seeing ‘outdoor kitchens’ endorsed by the rich and famous costing nearly as much as a deposit on a house.

The so-called ‘generation rent’ usually lack the space to have a traditional barbecue, whether they have access to just a balcony or a back yard (for US readers, in NE England this is a small concrete space at the rear of terraced houses, not a full-blown garden).

That’s where these little beauties come in. Whether you want to use them in small spaces, or on the beach, there’s something to suit you here – obviously, follow the safety instructions! Continue reading “Best portable and mini barbecues”

Recycled motor-themed outdoor bars

Bars made from tractors, trucks, tuk tuks, and oil drums

Tuk tuk bar
Tuk tuk bar. Picture; Smithers of Stamford

I usually stay away from expensive, ‘aspirational’ products but these recycled outdoor bars from Smithers of Stamford are first on my list if I win the lottery!

They’re recycled from industrial oil drums, old motor parts, reclaimed wood from boats. Some, like the VW Camper van, are one-offs, so get in quickly. In the meantime, I’ll make use of my TK Maxx oddments…

The Vintage Taxi Tuk Tuk Bar is repurposed by hand from an old taxi and has working headlights and plenty of storage space made from reclaimed boat wood for bottles and wine glasses. Price £1,188 (a saving of £700). Continue reading “Recycled motor-themed outdoor bars”

Edging your lawn: experts’ top tips

Different Types of Lawn Edging

Lawn edging
Lawn edging – do you know which is best for your garden?

Many gardeners have found themselves making a disastrous attempt at installing lawn edgings only to find themselves killing the grass around them.

This might be due to underestimating the effect of the lawn edging, as they are quite small, with each piece only a few inches high.

While it is possible for homeowners to do this task on their own, proper care should be observed to avoid ruining how your garden looks. Continue reading “Edging your lawn: experts’ top tips”