Create bee-friendly gardens with ecofective

Defender Range safe for children, pets, and pollinators

Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective
Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective

With bees under threat, gardeners are looking for pest control products that are not harmful to bumble and honey bees that are responsible for pollinating nearly 85 per cent of our food crops.

The ecofective Defender range can help to keep your garden disease and pest-free garden yet not harm the vital pollinators.

The Rose Defender, Plant Defender, and House Plant Continue reading “Create bee-friendly gardens with ecofective”

Ecofective Weed Blast review

Environmentally-friendly way to get rid of weeds

Ecofective Weed Blast ready to do its stuff on my mother’s path in March

There is no tougher or more horrific test for a weedkiller than the path in my mother’s front garden. The block paving has become home to a sea of dandelions, alkanet and goodness know what else.

Hand weeding is a thankless task on such an unforgiving surface, so this is where ecofective’s Weed Blast comes in. I admit I was a little sceptical – these weeds had long had the upper hand and were well Continue reading “Ecofective Weed Blast review”

Greenhouse cleaning tips

Be clean to beat pests and diseases

Forest Garden
Nicola Simpson, head of marketing at Forest Garden. Picture; Forest Garden

It’s a horrible job but one worth doing – a real ‘outdoor housework’ chore – preparing your greenhouse for the season ahead.

With the weather starting to get warmer, failing to do this job will lead to an explosion of pests and diseases, making your gardening hard work a complete waste of time.

Here are some helpful tips from Nicola Simpson, head of marketing at Forest Garden. She said: “Now is the time to reorganise your greenhouse.

“One of the key benefits of a greenhouse is that it allows you to grow plants and crops that need more shelter and higher Continue reading “Greenhouse cleaning tips”

Spiders: traditional deterrents

Keeping Shelob out of your home

Too many legs and eyes – Shelob guards the cucamelons

They’re great for the garden, I know, but as a former arachnophobe*, I still dread that fleeting movement you see out of the corner of your eye when sitting with a glass of wine trying to watch Modern Family.

Why do they come indoors? Mainly, it’s for a place to live- it is warm and dry and there are dark corners where they won’t be disturbed.

Also, many males search for a mate.

They’re most likely to be found in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements where it’s moist. Continue reading “Spiders: traditional deterrents”

Top garden pests and diseases 2016

Hot, moist year causes rise of humidity-loving pests and diseases

Slug Arion ater group Picture RHSAndrew Halstead web
Slug (Arion ater group). Picture; RHS/Andrew Halstead

It’s a no-brainer that slugs and snails topped the RHS Gardening Advice Service’s top pest of the year in 2016, or honey fungus was the top disease (it has been for the last 21 years). Continue reading “Top garden pests and diseases 2016”

Blight-busting Sarpo seed potatoes

No trade-off in potato taste or yield

Potato Sarpo Kifli
Potato Sarpo Kifli on trial in 2016. Picture; DT Brown

Did your potatoes suffer from blight this year? Thinking about not growing them at all for 2017?

Before you make such a big decision, listen to what Norfolk allotmenteer Paul Strutt discovered this year, using Sarpo blight-resistant varieties from DT Brown.

He grew Sarpo Mira, Sarpo Kifli and Sarpo Axona seed potatoes but thought there would probably be a trade-off when it came to yield and flavour. Continue reading “Blight-busting Sarpo seed potatoes”