Create bee-friendly gardens with ecofective

Defender Range safe for children, pets, and pollinators

Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective
Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective

With bees under threat, gardeners are looking for pest control products that are not harmful to bumble and honey bees that are responsible for pollinating nearly 85 per cent of our food crops.

The ecofective Defender range can help to keep your garden disease and pest-free garden yet not harm the vital pollinators.

The Rose Defender, Plant Defender, and House Plant Continue reading “Create bee-friendly gardens with ecofective”

Get kids growing with Little Gardeners

Johnsons range is ideal for urban beginners with no garden

The Little Gardeners Range. Picture; Johnsons
The Little Gardeners Range. Picture; Johnsons

Despite today’s foul weather, it is really supposed to be spring and it’s forecast to get better by the weekend – what better time to get kids interested in gardening?

Let them help you, give them their own little patch and if you haven’t got a garden, a plant pot, some compost, and seeds is all you need to kindle a lifelong love of gardening. Continue reading “Get kids growing with Little Gardeners”

Cool kids Christmas gardening gifts

Less technology, more gardening gifts for Christmas

Small personalised crate from Plantabox

We need to nurture a love of gardening in our children – and what better way than NOT buying them computer games and buying some of these little gems instead?

Sadly, buying gardening gifts for Christmas isn’t always the easiest (it’s seen as out of season) but here’s five lovely gift that could inspire youngsters to aim for a career in horticulture – God knows, we need them to, or there will not be a horticultural industry left!

These bright personalised planters contains a choice of seeds from either The Flower Bunch (Calendula, Continue reading “Cool kids Christmas gardening gifts”

Windowsill microgreens gardening

Get kids growing crops even in winter

Microgreens from Johnsons. Picture courtesy Johnsons

Keep up your production of fresh vegetables even in winter by growing microgreens on your windowsills.

Johnsons range of microgreens are ready in a few days, they’re really easy to grow and a great way to introduce children to the delights of growing.

Microgreens are almost ‘instant’ vegetables, maturing in as little as two weeks. The tiny plants have the essence of the mature plants without the care and maintenance required to grow them.

Best described as ultra-baby leaf vegetables, these seedlings add a fresh, punchy flavour to savoury dishes from sandwiches to steaks, stir-fries to soups, or used simply as a tasty garnish. Continue reading “Windowsill microgreens gardening”