Create bee-friendly gardens with ecofective

Defender Range safe for children, pets, and pollinators

Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective
Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective

With bees under threat, gardeners are looking for pest control products that are not harmful to bumble and honey bees that are responsible for pollinating nearly 85 per cent of our food crops.

The ecofective Defender range can help to keep your garden disease and pest-free garden yet not harm the vital pollinators.

The Rose Defender, Plant Defender, and House Plant Continue reading “Create bee-friendly gardens with ecofective”

Ecofective Weed Blast review

Environmentally-friendly way to get rid of weeds

Ecofective Weed Blast ready to do its stuff on my mother’s path in March

There is no tougher or more horrific test for a weedkiller than the path in my mother’s front garden. The block paving has become home to a sea of dandelions, alkanet and goodness know what else.

Hand weeding is a thankless task on such an unforgiving surface, so this is where ecofective’s Weed Blast comes in. I admit I was a little sceptical – these weeds had long had the upper hand and were well Continue reading “Ecofective Weed Blast review”

Blast weeds naturally with ecofective

An easy fix for troublesome weeds

Ecofective Weed Blast
Ecofective Weed Blast

Weeds are starting to germinate as the temperature rises and rather than poison your soil with artificial weedkillers, there’s now an effective, ready to use, natural spray treatment to tackle unwanted plants in the patio, path, and borders.

Ecofective Weed Blast is made using natural food grade ingredients, one of Sipcam UK’s new ecofective range of products, designed to be kinder to the environment than conventional chemicals. Continue reading “Blast weeds naturally with ecofective”

New ecofective feed, weed and control range


Wonder Feed. Picture; ecofective
Wonder Feed. Picture; ecofective

Struggle to battle pests and garden organically? Now there’s a new range of environmentally sensitive feed, weed and control products from one of the world’s leading plant technology companies.

The ecofective range, from Sipcam, is mostly manufactured in the UK. Ecofective aims to be kinder to the environment, include ingredients with favourable eco-toxicological and health and safety Continue reading “New ecofective feed, weed and control range”