Edging your lawn: experts’ top tips

Different Types of Lawn Edging

Lawn edging
Lawn edging – do you know which is best for your garden?

Many gardeners have found themselves making a disastrous attempt at installing lawn edgings only to find themselves killing the grass around them.

This might be due to underestimating the effect of the lawn edging, as they are quite small, with each piece only a few inches high.

While it is possible for homeowners to do this task on their own, proper care should be observed to avoid ruining how your garden looks. Continue reading “Edging your lawn: experts’ top tips”

OFFER: save on cat garden ornaments

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Like cats? Then you’ll love this offer from SandEdge! No more trouble with pusses pooing in your borders with this well-behaved pair.

Cat ornament
Sitting to attention…

These metal black cat ornaments – one walking, one sitting – normally retail at £12.99 each, but buy them as a pair and they are just £19.99 – a saving of £5.99.

These cat silhouette ornaments are made from electroplated steel for long life with classic black finish.

Some claim they are a good cat scarer/deterrent too.

The seated cat measures 45x19cm and the walking one is 34cm high, including ground spikes and 40cm from tail to nose.

Cat ornament
On patrol…

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