Gardeners’ World Live: Lubera fruit

Unusual fruit displayed by The Potting Shed Stage

Fruit on display by The Potting Shed Stage at Gardeners’ World Live. Picture; Lubera

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Gardeners’ World, fruit specialist Lubera has been exhibiting a selection of its plants.

If you’re at the show, you’ll find the Swiss fruit experts next to The Potting Shed Stage at Gardeners’ World Live.

The show runs until June 18 but you can order the plants online.

Here are four of the chosen plants the crowds particularly enjoyed: Continue reading “Gardeners’ World Live: Lubera fruit”

Strawberry’s money-back taste guarantee

Thompson & Morgan breeds pink-flowered strawberry

Strawberry Just Add Cream
New strawberry Just Add Cream. Picture; Thompson & Morgan

After eight years of intensive development work, Thompson & Morgan has launched new strawberry Just Add Cream – if you don’t agree this is the best-tasting strawberry they’ve ever grown, you’ll get your money back. Continue reading “Strawberry’s money-back taste guarantee”