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Table top heater magic and Al Fresco Fortnight

Table top heater
George captivated by new gadget - please note, it wasn't on at this point - no fried cats here

Review: Bringing light and warmth to outdoor living

Tabletop heater
Light and heat – the family sits down to a barbecue with the tabletop heater – should have hidden the extension reel!

Just squeezing in for the end of Al Fresco fortnight, we managed to road test our barbecue (only bought 13 months ago) and my fab new tabletop heater and light from www.primrose.co.uk.

To be honest, I’ve not been a fan of outdoor heaters. I did have one of the giants fuelled by a massive gas canister a few years ago, but I was convinced it would explode and be so heavy it was immovable. Some worrying corrosion put paid to it a couple of years back.

However, this Firefly™ Tabletop Heater with Beech Wood Effect Stand and Base 2.1KW is in a different class. For a start, it’s electric and light enough to lift with one hand.

It has a stylish beech-effect finish (which matches the cat perfectly) and black domed shade. The weighted base means it’s stable but doesn’t take up too much room on the table.

Tabletop heater
Firefly tabletop heater from www.primrose.co.uk

The really clever bit is that the heat and light come from a thin, circular halogen bulb (replacements are available from Primrose) and it costs 13p an hour to run on the lowest setting.

We found the lowest setting made quite a difference to the surrounding area, staving off that usual dash indoors from a North Sea breeze until we were ready. In fact, if there hadn’t been football on, I’m sure we would have stayed out much later.

If you like being outdoors and love barbecues, it’s a great way to extend your time in the garden.

Product details

  • Code: OL3802.
  • Price: RRP £139.99, now £89.99, save £50, delivery £4.99.
  • Materials: Brushed stainless steel, pole with wood texture.
  • Features: Tilt safety feature – cuts off the power; stable base; 3 heat settings – 900W/1200W/2100W.
  • Rating: IP44 – suitable for indoor and outdoor use, clear halogen bulb.
  • Size: Base diameter 32cm (1ft ½in); head diameter 50cm (1ft 7¾in); cable length 3m; total height 79cm (2ft 7in); total weight 7.9kg.

Al Fresco Fortnight: social media prizes

Al Fresco FortnightLove the idea of entertaining or eating outside but not sure how go about it? Then you’ll love Al Fresco Fortnight, an annual event by the Love The Plot You’ve Got Campaign, which runs until Sunday, July 3 – but the ideas will keep you eating out all summer (weather permitting).

It aims to get as many people as possible eating outside at least once – have a party on the patio, a romantic dinner for two, a family get-together or a barbecue.

The LTPYG team is asking people to send photos of their event to win prizes on social media using the tag @goeatalfresco and hashtag #alfrescofortnight.

For more information, ideas and some great recipes, visit www.loveyourplot.com.

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