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Save on Simply Skincare products

15% off skincare with my exclusive voucher code

Simply Skincare
Oooh La La fragrance from Simply Skincare

Simply Skincare products are all about pampering yourself naturally – and you can get 15 per cent off with my exclusive voucher code which runs until July 17.

The company creates skincare products which are safe and gentle on your skin, using natural, organic and C02 extracted ingredients, supporting farmers who follow the more difficult and costly, yet ethical and environmentally-friendly route.

All items are hand-crafted on the premises, making each product unique, including whipped body butter and body serum; facial scrub, cleanser and serum; spa relaxing and revitalising formulae for feet.

There’s a family of five scent personalities to choose from:

  • Pure and Sensitive – for customers who prefer unscented products or are perfume-sensitive.
  • Oooh La La – light and fruity.
  • Exotic Love – a warm, sensual, earthy yet sweetly seductive scent.
  • Sassy and Sexy – cool and collected, crisp and fresh, stimulating yet soothing.
  • Guilty Pleasures – warm, soothing and reassuring, wrapping itself around you to give you a comforting hug.

You can also design your own range of skincare or scent that compliments your personality, with Simply Skin’s bespoke service.

To view the full range, visit http://www.simplyskincareuk.co.uk/ and to get your discount, simply add the code SIMPLYDIGIT in the box at checkout.

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