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Gardening jobs for the weekend

Rambling rose
Crushing weight of rambling rose

A few extra tasks caused by the weather

I know, there are enough jobs to be getting along with in the monthly lists, but here are a few things the weather and wildlife are making me do this weekend.

I think some people might be in the same boat.

Tie up runner beans, broad beans and sweet peas: a combination of blustery winds, heavy showers and sparrows nicking miles of twine has left the climbers flopping about.

Scoop fallen leaves and litter out of pond: Vanessa was most upset when she discovered I was doing this with the kitchen sieve (cheap and it works).

Sweet pea
Last of the sweet rocket propping up sweet pea Cupani

Hide bare patch caused by picking last of rhubarb: a pot of geraniums will do it, the equivalent to the comb-over.

Try and prop up knackered rose arch: I’ll need a miracle.

Weed gravel paths: excess rain has led to excess self-seeding.

Should you feel inclined, here’s a full list of gardening jobs for July.


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