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8 best scented roses

Climbing rose James Galway
Climbing rose James Galway

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

I’m going crazy over roses this year – probably because it’s been so wet, they are absolutely thriving here – and what’s a rose without scent?

My new Desdemona is flowering her socks off, as are the James Galway and Claire Austin climbers and the unknown rambler which has managed to crush its arch.

If you’re wanting a fragrance hit, I can thoroughly recommend the three above (all from David Austin Roses) – and here’s another five with perfume that will knock you into next week – also from David Austin.

LADY EMMA HAMILTON: English shrub rose, with an award-winning strong, fruity fragrance and blooms of tangerine-orange and yellow. Good for pots.

GOLDEN CELEBRATION: English shrub rose, with cupped, golden yellow blooms. Delicious tea scent with hints of Sauternes wine and strawberry. Award-winning variety, ideal for containers.

HARLOW CARR: English shrub rose, with pure pink rosette blooms, and a strong old rose fragrance.

GERTRUDE JEKYLL: English shrub rose, twice voted the nation’s favourite, with, rich pink rosettes and a quintessential old rose fragrance.

GENTLE HERMIONE: English shrub rose, with pure pink blooms and an exceptionally strong myrrh fragrance. Particularly resistant to rain.

All roses are bred by David Austin and cost from £16.50, available at good garden centres and online at www.david austinroses.co.uk.

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