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Gardening jobs for July 16-17

Sweet pea Cupani
Sweet pea Cupani

Either rain or be sunny!

Canna – deadhead for more flowers

A few extra jobs that have reared their ugly heads this week:

Vanessa volunteered – yes, stop the press – to deadhead and tie in the sweet peas. Keep this up and you’ll get lots more flowers. Don’t forget to deadhead roses, herbaceous perennials and tender plants like Canna and geraniums.

The weather’s been mostly dull and windy again but with hardly any significant rain, meaning the annoying job of having to water containers even though it permanently looks like it’s going to chuck it down. Give said containers a general-purpose feed but not if they’re bone dry.

Get out after even the tiniest rainfall to catch slugs/snails in the act.

There were 10 little snails on this broom after a shower

Now the sweet rocket’s over and been pulled out, there’s a significant gap in the border – this will be weeded and replanted with foxgloves (Candy Mountain and/or Summer King). it’s the only time in the growing season I can get in.

Wiegela florida variegata has finished flowering and needs a trim – it must be done now or next year’s flowers won’t have time to form.

Keep picking strawberries – it’ll keep slugs on their toes.

My heavy-yielding gooseberries have been defoliated seemingly overnight by either gooseberry sawfly or moths. I can’t find any of the caterpillar-like spotty larvae but at least the fruit is ready to pick. May affect next year’s crop, though… I’ll have to look into nematodes.

For more gardening jobs, check out my monthly to-do list…

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