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Fall in love with heartnuts

Heartnut Valentine's from Lubera

Going nuts over a high yield

Specialist fruit company Lubera stocks some really unusual fruit and I certainly hadn’t heard of heartnuts before – but here they are.

Heartbreaker was the first launched and the firm has now introduced Valentine’s, another grafted heartnut, sweeter than common walnuts and less bitter.

Valentine’s matures a little later than Heartbreaker and both varieties have nuts that can be easily opened, a nice shape and the plants have a late bloom.

They are self-fertile, but if you plant two varieties, the reliability of the yield is higher. If you want to plant two varieties, then plant one of each, so that the flowering periods can overlap. However, one variety bears sufficient fruit when planted alone.

High yields

Valentine’s fruits are smaller than Heartbreaker, can easily be cracked, and are extremely high-yielding, after one-three years.

Heartbreaker matures in September, Valentine’s a little later from early to mid-October. These are big trees, with a final height of 7.5m to 15m and width of 4m to 7.5m, so excellent as a specimen tree with spring blossom.

A strong tree in a 10-litre pot costs £51.90, for more details visit www.lubera.co.uk.


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