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Mr Fothergill’s autumn-planting treats

Primrose Amore F1
New primrose Amore F1 from Mr Fothergill's

Prepare for a riot of colour this spring

Get ordering now if you want your garden to perform well next spring – Mr Fothergill’s Autumn Planting Catalogue 2016 is out.

The extended top-size bulb selection has several new to the company narcissi and tulips, plus collections of both for successional flowering, naturalising, containers and double types, tulips which are long-lived, scented, and suitable for containers, plus carefully chosen blends of complementary colours. Buy any four packs of bulbs and get the lowest priced one free.

All autumn-planting bedding is large plugs, as they establish more quickly, grow more vigorously and flower earlier than standard plugs and can be planted straight out.

Mr Fothergill's autumn planting catalogue 2016
Mr Fothergill’s autumn planting catalogue 2016

New and exclusive primrose Amore F1 has butter-yellow blooms edged with rose-pink. A pack of 20 large plugs costs £14.95. Buy any two packs of autumn-planting bedding plants and save £5.

Hand-graded, UK-grown, bare-root wallflowers in four single colours (£5.95 for 10) and Persian Carpet Mixed (£4.95 for 10), are another highlight. All are supplied ‘in the green’ within 48 hours of lifting from the nursery for autumn planting, despatched from mid-October onwards for immediate planting.

There are also 14 pages of hardy perennials, all offered as sturdy, young plants in 9cm pots for despatch from late September. New are semi-double Anemone Ruffled Swan, bicolour Aquilegia Rhubarb and Custard, compact-growing Excalibur delphiniums, and three Kniphofias.

To request a copy, go online at www.mr-fothergills.co.uk, telephone 0845 371 0518 or write to Mr Fothergill’s, Gazeley Road, Kentford, Suffolk CB8 7QB.

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