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Beat mosquitoes with citronella candles

Citronella tea light bottles
Citronella tea light bottles

STV will keep you bite-free this bank holiday

The Buzz Citronella LED Colour-Change Candle
The Buzz Citronella LED Colour-Change Candle

It’s the run-up to the bank holiday weekend and with a bit of luck, we’ll have some decent weather. Unfortunately, if you’re enjoying a glass of wine with friends after dusk, there will be the threat of midgies, mosquitoes, etc to deal with.

Don’t let them spoil your late summer evenings – citronella candles and tea lights are an ideal way to keep insect pests at bay and keep you bite-free.

STV has a pretty and practical range of citronella-based candles and holders which do their job and enhance your outdoor tables.

A bag of 18 tea lights costs £2.99, while 50 candles are £6.99. While they’ll do their job fine on their own, enhance them with STV’s range of holders.

The Citronella tea light bottles cost £4.99, in blue or yellow, complete with hanging chain, so you can dot them around the garden.

Slightly smaller are the Citronella tea light jars, which are £3.99 each, in yellow, blue or green, with metal handles.

Citronella tea light jars
Citronella tea light jars

If you’re looking for a talking point, try The Buzz Citronella LED Colour-Change Candle.

When you light it, the LED light base starts to change colour.

The candle part is infused with citronella oil to keep bugs away. It’s part of The Buzz – Love Summer range and is for outdoor use only, with a burning time of 38 hours, RRP £9.99.

For more information on these products and other pest control solutions and to find out your nearest stockists, visit www.stvpestcontrol.com.

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