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Top 5 thornless roses

Rose Kew Gardens
Rose Kew Gardens. Picture; David Austin Roses

More blooms, fewer thorns

One of the things that put people off growing roses is their thorns – but here are five beauties bred by David Austin that are thornless, so no problem planting them near to paths, etc.

Kew Gardens: an award-winning English shrub rose, which flowers almost continuously, with small, single white flowers with golden stamens, held in large heads. It’s bushy, healthy and completely thornless. It will cope with poor soil and is ideal for hedging.

Mortimer Sackler: climbing rose, bearing large sprays of loosely double, soft pink flowers. It has a lovely Old Rose fragrance with hints of fruit. Very healthy and repeat flowers well, good disease resistance.

Lichfield Angel: an English shrub rose with large, creamy-white dome-shaped rosettes produced very freely. Good for disease resistance and poor soil.

Bathsheba: a short climbing rose bearing large, many-petalled apricot blooms. Superb myrrh fragrance with floral and honey character. This repeat flowerer’s blooms are a blend of colours, giving the overall impression of rich apricot.

Tranquillity: this English shrub rose is floriferous, with pure white, beautifully rounded, rosette blooms. Almost thornless with very healthy, vigorous growth. Light apple fragrance, ideal for poor soil.

Prices from £16.50, apart from Bathsheba, from £19.95, visit www.davidaustinroses.co.uk.

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