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Autumn fruits from Lubera

Blackberry Montblanc
Blackberry Direttissima Montblanc. Picture; Lubera

Berries, mini kiwis and free postage

Fruit crops running out? Start planning for next year’s autumn harvest with these unusual selections from Swiss experts Lubera.

New Blackberry Direttissima Montblanc crops from August to October. It has its first ripe fruit in mid-August, with the peak harvest in early to mid-October. In contrast to the first autumn blackberry varieties, it lets the majority of its fruit mature. 5-litre container, £15.90.

There’s a great selection of Lubera-bred raspberries, such as Autumn First and Autumn Best, which are ready for harvest from the end of August right through September.  Autumn Best continues to fruit during October. 12 cm pot, £4.40.

Raspberry Twotimer Sugana’s one-year-old canes start yielding the first fruits around mid-August and last well into October. 12 cm pot, £4.40.

Pointilla Sweet 'n' Sour
Pointilla Sweet ‘n’ Sour

The Pointilla, the dotberry, is simply called “autumn berry” in some regions of the United States – it ripens when almost nothing matures, in October and November.

The colour of the shrub changes to yellow or bright red at the beginning of September (depending on which variety you have). Don’t be tempted to harvest them early as they can be bitter – try them twice a week until the sugar releases into the berries.

I can highly recommend these plants, as I have two, Sweet ‘n’ Sour (red) and Fortunella (yellow), but you need to have a pollinator – you can buy them at a reduced rate in pairs. Strong shrub in 5-litre pot, £17.40.

Grape kiwis with edible skins

Here’s a novelty – mini kiwis to harvest from September to October. The skins are hairless and edible, hence the name Grape Kiwis.

The Geneva Kiwi’s skin tastes like honey, while Kens Red has red-violet skin and flesh, with a sweet and aromatic flavour.

Vitikiwi has small, elongated, berry-sized fruits, mostly seedless which taste sweet and aromatic.

Grape Kiwi is the Lubera trademark name for these Actinidia arguta and Actinidia arguta x actinidia kolomicta hybrids.

All cost £21.90 each on a bamboo stake in a 5-litre pot.

Free delivery over £25

Lubera has a new, simple delivery policy – FREE delivery on all fruit tree and fruit plant orders, even those orders which include these components. Minimum spend for this £25.

For more information on the above plants, visit www.lubera.co.uk.

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