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Suttons’ blooms for 2017

Suttons seed catalogue 2017
Suttons seed catalogue 2017

Seedsman’s biggest-ever catalogue

The new Suttons 2017 seed catalogue will be dropping on to doormats this month, with 166 pages packed with traditional favourites and new flower varieties.

Here’s the pick of Suttons’ new blooms…

Antirrhinum F1 Antiquity Sunset Mix: Sunset shades, fragrant, open flowers. Sow Mid January-mid April, flowers June-mid October.
Seed quantity: 80, product code 10 20 63, price £2.99.

Calendula Snow Princess: White-lemon flower colour blooming until frosts, quick to flower, edible petals. Sow March-May or August-September, flowers June-September.
Seed quantity: 120, product code 10 67 82, price £2.99.

Coffea arabica Nana: Grow your own ‘coffee’ plant, highly sweet-scented blooms, decorative red berries, a great houseplant. Sow all year round, flowers July-August (from year two).
Seed quantity: 15, product code 11 03 50, price £3.99.

Eryngium alpinum Blue Ice: A magnet for pollinators and birds – lovely cut and dried flower. Sow February-June, flowers July-October.
Seed quantity: 50, product code 11 32 45, price £2.99.

Gerbera Cut Flower Mix: Patio, border, indoor or cut flower plant. Sow February-March, flowers June-September.
Seed quantity: 45, product code 11 56 93, price £3.49.

Indian Marigold Kushi Mix: The ‘rainproof’ marigold, with tightly-packed petals, ideal for making garlands, long stems ideal for cutting. Sow February-May, flowers July-September.
Seed quantity: 20, product code 12 25 01, price £4.99.

Lobelia Cascade White: Ideal in baskets, pots or wall planters, easy to grow. Sow Late January-April, flowers July-September.
Seed quantity: 650, product code 12 01 24, price £1.99.

Perovskia Taiga: Striking blue flower spikes, heat and drought tolerant, first year flowering perennial, attracts bees and butterflies. Sow January-February, flowers July-August.
Seed quantity: 25, product code 12 60 51, price £3.49.

Sunflower F1 Sunbright (RHS Award Winner): Ideal cutting variety, fun for kids to grow. Sow March-mid June, flowers July-September.
Seed quantity: 20, product code 13 31 61, price £3.49.

Tropaeolum Canary Creeper: Fast-growing annual climber, showy flowers, easy to grow. Sow April-June, flowers June-October.
Seed quantity: 15, product code 13 59 65, price £2.49.

Buddleia Butterfly Magnet Mix: Sweet honey-like scented blooms, easy to grow, beautiful back of border shrub. Sow February-March, flowers July-October.
Seed quantity: 50, product code 10 60 35, price £2.99.

Cleome Fireworks Mix: Ideal for larger borders and containers, interesting cut flower. Sow February-April, flowers July-September.
Seed quantity: 150, product code 10 99 95, price £2.49.

Cosmos Rubies in Sunshine: Rare colour combination, including new Xanthos, perfect for borders and containers. Sow March-May, flowers July-October.
Seed quantity: 25, product code 11 12 86, price £3.49.

Felicia Pretty Blue: Blue daisy-like blooms, flowers until first frosts, ideal for containers and borders, drought tolerant. Sow February-April, flowers June-September.
Seed quantity: 250, product code 11 34 00, price £2.99.

Gilia Violet Fields: A profusion of aromatic violet-blue blooms, easy to grow. Sow direct April-May, flowers June-September.
Seed quantity: 350, product code 11 65 91, price 99p.

Leucanthemum Crazy Daisy: Striking ruffled big daisy-like flowers, butterfly attracting hardy perennial border plant. Sow: February-March or August-September, flowers: June-September.
Seed quantity: 80, product code 11 89 55, price £2.99.

Lupin Avalune Mix: Strongly scented, middle of the border plants, butterfly attracting. Sow: March-June, flowers June-September.
Seed quantity: 30, product code 12 03 02, price £2.99.

Salvia Purple Fairy Tale: Magnet for bees and butterflies, first year flowering perennial. Sow February-March, August-September, flowers June-September.
Seed quantity: 30, product code 13 11 31, price £2.99.

Sweet pea Kingfisher: Very high scent, large, waved flowers, long flowering period. Sow June-May, September-October, flowers June-September (year one), May-August (year two).
Seed quantity: 25, product code 13 33 21, price £2.99.

For more details, visit www.suttons.co.uk.

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