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Spicy new garlic from DT Brown

Garlic Caulk Wight
Garlic Caulk Wight. Picture; DT Brown

Eastern European hardneck Caulk Wight available

“Find us the spiciest, tastiest garlic, which will thrive in all parts of Britain” was the challenge given to ‘garlic king’ Colin Boswell from DT Brown.

Colin rose to the challenge and the result is the exclusive launch of garlic Caulk Wight.

Russia and other eastern European countries abound with hardneck purple-skinned strains.

Colin selected Caulk Wight as one of the very best of these large-cloved, easy-to-peel, vigorous hardnecks.

It grows particularly well in the UK climate, having been trialled successfully in the north and south – it can also withstand temperatures down to -20C.

Caulk Wight has a distinctive, dark green, wide leaf formation, while underground the bulb is enclosed in tight leaf wrappers, avoiding the pitfall of many hardneck types in our damp climate, of splitting and opening out.

Plump, pink cloves

Dried in the open, on a verandah or in a greenhouse, the outer leaves which protected it while underground slip away when dry to display beautiful, plump, pink cloves with purple marbling.

“Caulk Wight is the spiciest, most strongly flavoured garlic I have tasted”, says DT Brown’s general manager Tim Jeffries.

“Colin came up with exactly what we asked, and we hope our customers will enjoy this special strain.”

Caulk Wight is ideal for autumn planting; three bulbs cost £8.95 and can be ordered now for delivery from late September onwards.

To order, or to ask for a copy of the Fruit and Vegetables Catalogue 2017, write to DT Brown, Western Avenue, Matrix Park, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 7NB, telephone 0845 3710532, or go online www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk.

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