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Harrogate Autumn Flower Show 2016 monster veg

Show bench onions

Slideshow of the best massive and weird veg

Giant pumpkin – but not the winner, which had vanished when we were in the hall!

Even if you don’t like gardening, everyone’s fascinated by monster vegetables and Harrogate Autumn Flower Show is one of the best places to see this specialist growers’ art.

It’s all about size, as growers attempt to grow the longest and heaviest one gardening competition that’s not about flavour.

Hosting the famous National Heavy Onion Championship, sponsored by Kitchen Garden magazine, 12 new world records have been set since 1983.

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The National Championship for Gigantomo beefsteak tomatoes, sponsored by Van Meuwen, is also here, with a top prize of £1,000 for the heaviest example.

There are 13 monster classes for the heaviest and the longest veg, including pumpkin, marrow, parsnip, leek, cabbage, potato, beetroot, carrot, rhubarb, runner bean and cucumber.

The giant vegetable competition can be found in The Gardening Hall.

Watch out for more slideshows from the show coming soon…


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