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Hands-on Heritage Skills at Beamish

Hands-on Heritage
Skilled embroiderers

Try your hand at traditional crafts,  September 24-25

Hands-on Heritage
Making corn dollies

Want to try your hand at crafts from the past? Get yourself to the Hands-on Heritage Skills Weekend at Beamish Museum, County Durham this weekend.

Craftsmen and women will be working at The 1940s Farm, Pockerley Old Hall and the Waggonway, demonstrating their talents and letting visitors have a go.

At Pockerley, there’s wood and stone carving and a pole lathe in action.

Have a go at pottery and candle making, explore the landscape with a Georgian falconer or take part in a foraging activity.

A corn-dolly maker will be passing on the basic skills of her ancient craft and, for the musically inclined, there’s the chance to try the Northumbrian pipes.

Hands-on Heritage

King Cole, a trio of folk musicians, will provide entertainment with traditional Northumbrian tunes.

At The 1940s Farm, there’s the chance to have a go at blacksmithing and harness making. There are knitters, quilters and jam makers, all ready to share their skills, and tasty wartime treats to try.

There’s also ceilidh dancing, courtesy of Sunniside Up.

This is the next to the last event of the Great North Festival of Agriculture. The last event, Harvest Festival and Harvest Home, takes place on October 1-2.

There’s no extra charge for Hands-On Heritage Skills – it’s included in the admission charge to Beamish and, as with all daytime events, Unlimited Passes can be used. For more information, visit www.beamish.org.uk.

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