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New showbench onion to rival The Kelsae

Quite a handful... new onion Exhibition. Picture; Johnsons

Onion Exhibition takes over where parent seed fails

Monster veg fans and show bench growers will love new onion Exhibition, introduced by Johnsons.

It’s a progeny of grower’s favourite The Kelsae, whose seeds are in very short supply this season, and should be a good substitute for its parent.

Johnsons says that it’s so close to The Kelsae that only its breeder can really tell the difference.

David Kerley, better known as a flower breeder and the Cambridgeshire man responsible for Tumbelina petunias, tells the story.

He said: “My plan was to develop an onion to rival The Kelsae. When grown side by side with The Kelsae and other giant onions, there is one significant point of difference which I, and only I, know, so I can always identify my variety.

New onion Exhibition growing. Picture; Johnsons

“This was proven in official trials, where the experts could not see the difference, but in three different unlabelled plots, I was able to pick out Exhibition.

“During the breeding, we grew onions of about 2kg with simple culture, and without the tender, loving care an enthusiast would give.”

Seed crops of The Kelsae have been uncertain recently, but Johnsons hopes to have a reliable supply available as soon as possible.

Exhibition costs £2.99 for 100 seeds, available from garden centres and at www.johnsons-seeds.com.

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