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Christmas gifts for gardeners under £30

Personalised Mug - Digs Gardening, from Getting Personal
Personalised Mug - Digs Gardening, from Getting Personal

Quirky, traditional and practical presents

Flamingo Watering Can, from Totally Funky
Flamingo Watering Can, from Totally Funky

As much as I hate an early start to Christmas, this dislike is overcome by the thought of being organised and getting good-quality gifts at a bargain price.

This is the first of my festive gift guide for gardeners – and everything is under £30. Enjoy…

Flamingo Watering Can, from Totally Funky, £7.99, www.totally-funky.co.uk.
Ideal for those who like a bit of practical fun in their gardens. Generous 1.5L capacity, w28.5cm x h30cm x d14.5cm.

Thumb Pot Waterer, from Internet Gardener, £15.95, www.internetgardener.co.uk.
Based on a traditional 16th-century design for watering seedlings or to soak plants gently. Covering the top hole with your thumb as you hold the top, the water will not leak. Remove your thumb and a fine shower descends from dozens of tiny holes in the base. Replacing your thumb will stop the flow. Made at a pottery in Newark-On-Trent, from terracotta. Height 15cm.

Women’s Chicken Gardening Gauntlets, from Annabel James, £25.95, www.annabeljames.co.uk.

Luxurious, lightweight gauntlets handmade in Great Britain in English linen and leather. Perfect for gardening and chicken keeping. Length approx. 41cm, one size.

Canvas Gardening Bag, from The Contemporary Home, £15, www.tch.net.
Handy and hard-wearing bag to keep all your tools in while pottering around the garden.

Personalised Mug – Digs Gardening, from Getting Personal, £9.99, www.gettingpersonal.co.uk.
I had to pick this one! Sage green mug reads ‘Digs Gardening’ in white and grey text and have it personalised with the name of your favourite gardener, so it reads ‘[Recipient’s name] Digs Gardening’ (up to 25 characters). It’s a heat-change mug – it looks black, but the image appears once hot liquid is poured into it.

Miniature Cherry (Prunus incisa Kojo-no-moi), £27.50, www.treesdirect.co.uk.
Delicate blush pink blossom appears in early spring with pretty autumn colour. Twisted branches give an attractive outline all year round. Long used as a good luck gift.

Indoor Allotment, from Prezzybox.com, £24.95, www.prezzybox.com.
This Indoor Allotment comes with three miniature pots that fit within the picket fence. In the shed, you will find snips, soil pellets and coriander, basil and oregano seeds. Dimensions: w434mm x h204mm x d164mm.

Small Barrington Domed Plant Support in Raw Metal, from Garden Trading, £22, www.gardentrading.co.uk.
Named after a village on the Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire border, these supports have been updated with a raw steel frame, letting them age naturally.

Bird Care Hamper, from Dobbies, £24.99, www.dobbies.com.
A selection of foods, feeders, a nest box and accessories to keep our feathered friends happy through winter.

Terrarium – miniature indoor planter, from Decorator’s Notebook, £14.95, www.decoratorsnotebook.co.uk.
Terrariums are a big interior trend this season – this one is handcrafted from panels of glass and strips of either brass or zinc (there are other bigger versions available). Made by members of a fair trade project in India.

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