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Cool kids Christmas gardening gifts

Small personalised crate from Plantabox

Less technology, more gardening gifts for Christmas

We need to nurture a love of gardening in our children – and what better way than NOT buying them computer games and buying some of these little gems instead?

Sadly, buying gardening gifts for Christmas isn’t always the easiest (it’s seen as out of season) but here’s five lovely gift that could inspire youngsters to aim for a career in horticulture – God knows, we need them to, or there will not be a horticultural industry left!

These bright personalised planters contain a choice of seeds from either The Flower Bunch (Calendula, cornflower, nasturtium and sunflower) and Fun Facts plus a puzzle. There’s also a Treasure Island kit, with a pirate eye patch; treasure map; pirate stickers; six plastic straws; and three packs of plant seeds. Each small crate (31cm x 20cm x 15cm) is professionally treated and coloured, personalised with 18 characters per line, planting liner, seeds and growing instructions. Price: £25.95, www.plantabox.co.uk.

These great unisex gloves feature a nature-inspired design. Made from 100 per cent cotton, they’ll fit children up to the age of eight. Matching apron also available. Size: 21cm x 8.8cm, £7.99 from www.oakroomshop.co.uk.

Toil in the soil with this set of tools from Annabel James, made of high-quality carbon steel tools with painted wooden handles. Price: £17.95, www.annabeljames.co.uk.

Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit could come to life in your own back garden, with this dove grey watering can based on Mr McGregor’s, plus a cotton apron, a pair of Briers durable coated children’s garden gloves, a rabbit-shaped soap and some seeds. The black apron has a cream neck strap, front pocket and waistband. Price: £21.99, www.GettingPersonal.co.uk.

Chester the Fox is made from brown two-tone soft velour, has a long bushy tail, a hand-knitted waistcoat and purple stripy trousers and comes with a beige linen drawstring carry bag, embroidered with his name on it. Price: £19.95, www.ragtales.co.uk.

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