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How to make rose sugar

Rose sugar
Rose sugar recipe from Lubera

Lubera’s chef’s recipe

Enjoy Lubera’s resident chef’s recipe for rose sugar.

Gather a handful of flowers (red or deep pink varieties because white and yellow ones turn a brownish colour).

Cut off the fruit node. Do not wash, as if you rinse the essential oils, the flowers clump when drying.

Put the rose petals out to dry, either on a clean kitchen towel in a warm place, in a drying device or in the oven at 50 degrees for a few hours until the flowers crackle when you hold them.

Now the dried petals should be crushed in a blender and mixed in with sugar. You can keep it in a screw-topped jar.

If you want to give a jar as a present, it looks good with a layer of finely chopped roses and a layer of white sugar and to top it off, a layer of dried crumbled rose petals as the crowning glory.

Recommended roses (all strong plants in 6-litre containers) are:

Black Forest (Floribunda): Bright red, with shiny green foliage, price starts from £21.90.

Roseasy Aramis: Clove like semi-double, deep pink, price starts from £23.90.

Rotkappchen: Fairytale rose, dark red, ideal for pots, price starts from £21.90.

For more information, visit www.lubera.co.uk.

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