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Blight-busting Sarpo seed potatoes

Potato Sarpo Kilfi
Potato Sarpo Kilfi on trial in 2016. Picture; DT Brown

No trade-off in potato taste or yield

Did your potatoes suffer from blight this year? Thinking about not growing them at all for 2017?

Before you make such a big decision, listen to what Norfolk allotmenteer Paul Strutt discovered this year, using Sarpo blight-resistant varieties from DT Brown.

He grew Sarpo Mira, Sarpo Kifli and Sarpo Axona seed potatoes but thought there would probably be a trade-off when it came to yield and flavour.

However, Paul said: “My fellow allotmenteers gazed at my lush green, thick-stemmed, 4ft-tall potato haulms with envy.

“They ask how often and with what I have sprayed them, and can’t believe it when I say the last job I did was to ridge them up! Their crops, only a few yards away, have all been slaughtered by blight.

Remarkable crop

“What is even more remarkable is the crop. It has been fantastic, with an average yield of three to four kg per plant.

“Some of the Mira tubers are massive – monster jacket spuds! We have done trial digs and tastings of the different varieties, and I have to say I’m very impressed.

“All I have to figure out now is how to store this huge crop, which could keep us going through to next year.”

In DT Brown’s own potato trial this year, Sarpo Kifli remained unaffected while neighbouring rows of other varieties succumbed to blight.

The Sarpo varieties are joined for the 2017 season by Sarpo Blue Danube (all £5.95 for 1.5kg), an early maincrop ideally suited to roasting, chipping and baking.

For a copy of the new Fruit and Vegetables Catalogue 2017, write to DT Brown Seeds, Bury Road, Newmarket CB8 7PQ, telephone 0845 371 05 32, or visit www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk.


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