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Gardening Christmas gifts from Suttons

Mushroom Windowsill Kit.
Mushroom Windowsill Kit. Picture; Suttons

Planting the seeds of great present ideas

Struggling for gardening gifts? Here’s a selection of gifts from Suttons for this Christmas.

Personalised Crates, from £20: These crates can be used for many things. Available in seven sizes and six colours, they can be personalised with a message for free. Made from FSC sustainably sourced wood.

Mushroom Windowsill Kits, £9.99 each or buy any two, get a third free: Five delicious varieties – White Button, Shiitake, Oyster, Yellow Oyster and Chestnut – pick freshly grown mushrooms within a matter of weeks.

Azalea Christmas Tree, £24.99 each: Available in red, bi-colour pink or, new for this year, white, these striking plants will bloom year after year. Complete with a 17cm decorative snow-white Elho pot.

Bulb Trays, Dig, Drop, Done, from £9.99 or any four pre-planted bulb trays for £28: Pre-planted bulb trays are biodegradable – dig a hole, lay on the compost, cover and water. With 10 collections available in four different size trays.

Cat Grass, 700 seeds, £1.75: Nutritious and tasty, with naturally sweet stems, the oil content aids cat’s digestion and assists with furball elimination. Fast and easy to grow, just like cress, cat grass is perfect in a tray indoors or a pot outside.

Seed Tins, £6.99 each: Based on the front covers of two old Suttons catalogues. Providing the ideal safe haven for seeds to be stowed away in, this is an attractive and practical gift no gardener should be without.

Amaryllis Wax Bulb, £14.99: The bulb is coated in a wax and sprinkled with snow-like speckles, and the Amaryllis will burst into bloom within three-five weeks without water – a great table centrepiece.

Christmas Rose, £14.99: Hellebore with white flowers and deep green leaves, complete with a snow-white Elho pot. Come spring, plant it out in the garden where it will continue to give winter colour for years to come.

Chocolate Secateurs (73g), £12.99: Looking exactly like the real thing, these secateurs are made from dark chocolate.

Wiggle Hoe, £28: With a handle made from ash, this wiggle hoe from Greenman is inspired by the garden tools from generations past. An oscillating head and extremely sharp blades that cut on both pull and push strokes make this the easiest and quickest hoe to use.

Gift vouchers, from £10: Available in two designs. Add your own personal message.

For more gift ideas, visit www.suttons.co.uk and for a 10% discount, visit my December gardening page.

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