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New Fuchsia Icing Sugar

Fuchsia Icing Sugar.
Fuchsia Icing Sugar. Picture; Thompson & Morgan

Thompson & Morgan’s ‘double your money back’ pledge*

Will this new Fuchsia outdo the success of Thompson & Morgan’s catalogue cover star last year?

The company is confident that Icing Sugar will do just that – and has pledged to give customers double their money back* if they don’t agree that this is the best Fuchsia they’ve ever grown.

Petunia Night Sky, with a world first in flower patterning, on the spring catalogue in 2016, sold more than 175,000 plants.

Petunia Night Sky
Petunia Night Sky. Picture; Thompson & Morgan

Fuchsia Icing Sugar is a half-hardy shrub with frosted purple and cerise blooms, a compact habit, making it ideal for large patio pots and borders. The rich, fuchsia-pink sepals unfurl to reveal an unusual two-tone, twisting central corolla that has an intriguing frosted sheen to it.

Geoff Stonebanks, gardening writer, blogger and creator/owner of The Driftwood Garden near Lewes in Sussex, trialled Icing Sugar last year. He said: “The beautiful new Fuchsia Icing Sugar certainly lives up to its name; a delicate and frosted gem.”

Petunia Night Sky has not dropped off the best seller list and T&M forecasts its continued success. The speckled stars of Night Sky are consistent across all blooms.

Petunias and Fuchsias are top of the UK’s list of favourite bedding and container plants and consistently come first in consumer surveys.

With Petunia Night Sky winning a People’s Choice Competition at Thompson & Morgan’s show garden at Jimmy’s Farm, in Suffolk last summer, there is every hope that Fuchsia Icing Sugar will have similar success this year.

For information on how to grow Fuchsias, go to www.thompson-morgan.com/growfuchsias.

*See website for terms and conditions.

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