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Genus gardening trousers review

Genus Performance Gardening Trousers
Genus Performance Gardening Trousers - obviously not me in the photo

REVIEW: Genus Performance Gardening Trousers

Looking for a last-minute present for gardeners who like to be out in inclement weather?

A pair of Genus Performance Gardening Trousers is an investment (at £120, you need to know you’re going to get your money’s worth).

I was a little dubious about the price at first, but after wearing them from February, they really earn their keep.

They kept me going through the relining of the pond and building a new bed next to it in truly miserable weather.

Wet knees, damp bottoms, and a cold back – all familiar downsides to keen gardeners out in all weathers.

Finished pond
The finished pond, new bed, and revamped hedge, end of February 2016

However, Genus Performance Gardenwear was created by passionate gardener Sue O’Neil to right these wrongs. The 3-Season Gardening Trouser for Women and All-Weather Gardening Trouser for Men are the world’s first technical, high-performance trousers specially designed for gardening.

They have breathable, damp-proof knee pads; a damp-proof seat panel; lots of pockets designed for free movement; a zip pocket for mobiles; two stab-resistant pockets on the legs to carry knives and secateurs. The stretch fabric is tough, lightweight and easy to wash.

In women’s sizes 8-18, men’s 30-40, they cost £120. Genus also makes a women’s gilet, £95; long line and thumb loop tops for both sexes, from £49; neck, collar and arm protectors, £25.

Genus also stocks traditional Japanese design secateurs; hori-hori knife; gardening socks and silk glove liners.

There’s also summer-weight gardening trousers, with cool, stretch, easy-care and quick-drying cotton fabric, £95.

For more information, visit www.genus.gs.

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