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Franchi and Antonio Carluccio join forces

Vegetables by Antonio Carluccio
Vegetables by veteran chef Antonio Carluccio

Grow Antonio’s recipes with seeds from the world’s oldest seed company

For lovers of Italian food, Franchi Seeds of Italy is working with chef Antonio Carluccio, who has just published his latest sell-out book, Vegetables.

Antonio, known as the Godfather of Italian food, shares more than 120 recipes using vegetables from leaves and roots to pods. The book covers many of the varieties in the Franchi ranges, so you can grow, cook and eat his dishes.

He researches the botanical family of each type of vegetable, its history, how to buy and prepare it. There are pasta, soups, vegetable bakes and salads, risottos, pickles, stews, tarts, dips, even some sweet cakes, and biscuits.

Franchi director Paolo Arrigo said: “Franchi Seeds are available in most good garden centres and we are predicting a rise in demand for those specific varieties listed in the book.

“We will be ensuring there are sufficient qualities are carried to satisfy the demand due to the success of Antonio’s book.”

The new Windowsill Garden will be launched soon as a competition prize to Antonio’s millions of followers via his website, www.antonio-carluccio.com. The Windowsill Garden Set are ready-to-go jars – just add water.

Franchi Seeds of Italy's new Windowsill Garden
Franchi Seeds of Italy’s new Windowsill Garden. Picture; Franchi

Each jar consists of:

  • A sachet of Franchi Seeds 1783 (Vegetarian Society and Slow Food UK approved) in Basil Classic Italian, Parsley Comune and Coriander Cilantro
  • A Bormioli Quattro Stagioni preserving jar from Parma, glassmakers since 1825. Reusable, just change the lid each time
  • Carbon Gold Biochar peat free, with seaweed, worm casts and mycorrhizal fungi (Soil Association approved)

The jars are £5.99 each or a set of three costs £15.

Download the new Seeds of Italy 2017 catalogue at www.seedsofitaly.com.

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