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New ecofective feed, weed and control range

Wonder Feed. Picture; ecofective
Wonder Feed. Picture; ecofective

Products to help gardeners be kinder to the environment

Struggle to battle pests and garden organically? Now there’s a new range of environmentally sensitive feed, weed and control products from one of the world’s leading plant technology companies.

The ecofective range, from Sipcam, is mostly manufactured in the UK. Ecofective aims to be kinder to the environment, include ingredients with favourable eco-toxicological and health and safety profiles and, preferably, use naturally-derived ingredients.

The range includes:

  • Non-pesticide ecofective Rose Defender to control aphids and powdery mildew with an added foliar feed, available in one-litre packs and as a 100ml concentrate.
  • Weed Blast has a patented natural formula that gives visible results after one hour, available in one or four-litre packs.
  • Path & Patio Weed and Moss Killer.
  • Bug Killer, which is used extensively by organic farmers and growers.
  • Non-pesticide Plant Defender.
  • Organic Wonder Feed for tomatoes, already in use by commercial organic growers.

Sipcam’s Matt Jones said: “Our technology has been developed following many years of strategic R&D in cooperation with leading international universities.

“All research shows that British domestic gardeners seek environmentally responsible ways to help them. Ecofective makes the bio-technologies we have developed available to them in attractive and easily useable forms.

“This is particularly relevant now as an increasing number of well-known branded pesticides, active ingredients, and conventional chemicals are being withdrawn from the worldwide market, often due to environmental concerns. Ecofective fills that void in the market.”

The new range will be available from February at garden centres, Homebase and online. To find your local stockist, visit http://ecofective.uk.com/

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