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GardenTags boost for Greening Grey Britain?

GardenTags Greening Grey Britain
GardenTags Greening Grey Britain

Will GardenTags reach urban parts the RHS doesn’t seem able to?

I’ve been critical of the Royal Horticultural Society’s strategies in the past to get ordinary townies like my family and friends involved with gardening – it always seems to preach to the converted, or those with time and money to spare, plus a sizeable plot of land.

Even the title Royal Horticultural Society is offputting – it implies a closed, exclusive group, the ‘Royal’ bit appealing to the ‘upper’ classes. Working-class folk can relate to ‘gardening’ – horticulture smacks of academia and knowledge you don’t have.

The Greening Grey Britain campaign is very laudable but did anyone thinking up the scheme from their sweeping Capability Brown-type vistas think that it might be a little Victorian and paternalistic to the poor sods that have no option but to live in the grey bits? (OK, it would probably be in an office but I bet they don’t live in grey Britain.)

Hopefully, boosts to the campaign have to be the link-up with social gardening platform GardenTags and a new guest blog series #GrowRevURBAN to reach new audiences of urban growers.

Lifting concrete reveals yellow clay
Some northern greyness and filth being greened, December 2012

Greening Grey Britain is creating a new profile on GardenTags to share the best content on urban growing. More than 40 per cent of the 70,000 GardenTags members are interested in the idea, so that’s a sizeable chunk.

Daniel Richards, GardenTags co-founder, said, “This exciting new partnership with the RHS’ Greening Grey Britain brings both of our growing communities together to support and nurture new gardener’s urban growing ambitions. Our shared ambition is to help spark the next urban growing revolution. ”

Ian Reynolds, RHS social media manager, added: “GardenTags is helping more people get passionate about gardening, and we are very excited to be a part of this community. Together we aim to encourage even more people to transform our country from grey to green and help to inspire and advise those who wish to transform their space. “

The urban growing guest blog called #GrowRevURBAN can be found at www.gardentags.com/GrowRevURBAN, featuring blogs and vlogs from Mr Plant Geek (Michael Perry), The Pothole Gardener (Steve Wheen), the Subversive Gardener (Vanessa Harden), Simon Lycett , Sara Venn of Incredible Edible, Skinny Jean Gardener, CityScapes, Agamemnon Otero MBE of Energy Garden and many more.

My last thought is – if you stopped a non-gardening person on the street and said: “Excuse me, are you an urban grower?” would they have any idea what you were talking about? Perhaps preaching to a slightly different group of the converted again?

I’ll get my coat and shuffle off down my own grey North-East England street…

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