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Finding the best sheds online

Picture; Whatshed.co.uk
Price rises in garden buildings are expected due to the increase in the cost of imported raw materials. Picture; Whatshed.co.uk

Whatshed.co.uk helps you make an informed choice

Want a garden shed but are overwhelmed by choice? There’s a one-stop, independent review site that can give you exactly the facts you need to make an informed, best-value choice.

Whatshed.co.uk aims to give people looking to buy a shed, summer house or log cabin all they facts they need plus links to buy garden buildings.

Now in the top 10 most organically trafficked garden building sites in the UK, Whatshed.co.uk has helped more than 10,000 customers make the right choice – garden buildings cost a lot and you want to be happy with your investment.

Industry experts

There’s advice from industry experts and customers, with more than 2,000 reviews and opinions covering some 3,000 products, retailers, brands and a wide variety of garden building resource guides.

Whatshed.co.uk started life as the brainchild of an avid landscape gardener with over 20 years of experience in the business.

After looking for a new and affordable shed online, he became totally overwhelmed with the choices of sheds for sale and websites available, so the site was born.

It’s now the largest independent buyers guide for garden buildings in the UK, with more than 1,000 garden sheds and outdoor storage sheds for sale, in wood, metal or plastic.

For more information, visit www.whatshed.co.uk.

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